1 Introduction

Quickly install N2WS, set up your server, and configure your first automated backup.

N2WS Backup & Recovery is a powerful tool that's essentially "plug-and-play". It takes about 20 minutes to set up and works in your existing AWS environment. N2WS plays well with other platforms for making backup and recovery worry-free. This Quick Start guide will walk you through the core steps to get N2WS up and running.

A quick word about passwords before we get going. N2WS strongly recommends that you create a strong password for the server. Make sure no one can access it or guess it. Change it regularly. N2WS enforces the following password rules:

· Minimum length of 8 characters.

· Not a common word or phrase.

· Not numeric characters only.

Prefer a video tutorial? Follow along right here 👇 and you'll be set in ~19 minutes.

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