Appendix A - AWS Authentication

For N2WS to perform its backup and restore management functions, it needs to have the correct permissions assigned.

N2WS supports two different types of AWS authentication during setup:

  • AccessKey / SecretKey

  • Role-based authentication (recommended)

The permissions necessary have been combined into a JSON file for convenience and can be downloaded from the N2WS Knowledge Base:

  1. At the top of your AWS console, select the Services tab. In the Security Identity & Compliance section, select IAM.

2. In the left menu, select Policies.

3. Select the Create policy button.

4. Select the JSON tab.

5. Delete the default contents and copy and paste the contents of the JSON file downloaded from our Knowledge Base (see above).

6. At the bottom of the screen, select Review Policy.

7. Type a Name for the policy and select Create policy.

8. Create a role, and then assign the policy you just created to that role. In the left menu, select Roles and then select Create role.

9. In the list of type of trusted entity, select AWS service and then select EC2. 10. Select Next: Permissions.

11. In the AWS services list, select EC2 again and select Next: Permissions.

12. Search for the previously created policy, select its checkbox, and select Next: Review.

13. Add optional tags for the role and select Next: Review. 14. Name the Role and select Create Role.

15. Assign the resulting role to the N2WS trial instance:

a. Select the N2WS instance name. b. In the Actions menu, select Instance Settings and then Attach/Replace IAM Role.

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