Appendix A Recommended Configuration for Copy to S3

When ‘worker’ instances are using a public IP, NAT, or IGW within a VPC to access S3 buckets within the same region/account, it results in network transfer fees:

If the bucket is in another region or in another account, the transport charges will be incurred anyway.

Using VPC endpoint enables instances to use their private IP to communicate with resources in other services, such as S3, within the AWS network without incurring network transfer fees.

To create a subnet associated with a route table that will direct connections to S3 in the same region as the VPC endpoint:

1. In AWS, create a subnet within the VPC of the region.

After successful creation, the successful creation message appears.

The subnet is automatically associated with the default route table.

2. Create a new route table.

3. Change the subnet association by associating the previously created subnet with this route table. 4. Create a VPC endpoint for S3 in the region and associate it with the previously created route table.

5. Choose a region.

6. Then choose the previously defined route table. The permissions to access the bucket will be defined by the IAM policies attached to the roles of N2WS.

7. Grant Full Access.

The route table of the subnet now looks like the following:

8. If N2WS is in a different account/region/VPC, add an Internet Gateway to the route table so the ‘worker’ can communicate with N2WS.

1. Add the following rule:

The route table will look like:

2. In this configuration, the connection to S3 will be routed to the VPC endpoint. See the example below:

9. In N2WS, select the Worker Configuration tab.

1. Select New. 2. Configure the worker to use this subnet in the specific region and the VPC where it is defined.

For additional information about setting up VPC Gateway Endpoints, see